报告-Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Properties of MoO3 or WO3/SBA‒15 Mesostructured Catalysts
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Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials,

Superior School of Chemical Engineering and Extractive Industries, National Polytechnic Institute



王金安院士主要从事工业催化,石油加工,清洁能源,和纳米催化材料等方面的基础和应用研究。已发表学术论文150余篇,学术著作或专辑6(卷)部,申请专利7项。主持并完成近30项研究课题。是美国石油基金及自然科学基金评审专家,Catalysis TodayAdvanced Materials Resarch等学术杂志的客座编辑。曾担任中国—墨西哥科技合作学术会议,第一至第八届催化新材料国际学术会议共同主席。


Structural defects in the crystalline structure usually act as active centres for reactant adsorption and surface reactions. Investigation on structural vacancies and their correlation with catalytic activity may provide new insight into the deep understanding of surface catalytic properties. For the first time, creation of oxygen defects in the crystalline structure of MoO3/SBA‒15 and WO3/SBA‒15 catalysts and its correlation with Lewis acidity and catalytic activity in the oxidation of 4,6‒dimethyldibenzothiophene (4,6‒DMDBT) in a model diesel are reported. All the MoO3/SBA‒15 and WO3/SBA‒15 catalysts predominantly contained Lewis acid sites and some oxygen defects in the crystalline structure of MoO3 or WO3 phases. The 4,6‒DMDBT conversion was almost proportional to both the number of Lewis acid sites and oxygen defects. Formic acid addition led to the formation of peroxyformic acid which could coordinate with the surface Mo6+

and W6+ to generate reactive oxygen species like peroxometallic complex, improving oxidant stability and 4,6‒DMDBT oxidation efficiency. A reaction mechanism involving peroxometallic complexes formation, 4,6‒DMDBT molecules adsorption, and surface oxidation reaction on structural defects and WO3 nanoparticles is proposed. This biphasic reaction system consisting of a catalyst bearing Lewis acid sites, a green oxidant, an oxidant promoter, and a polar solvent would simultaneously perform the oxidation and separation of polyaromatic sulfur compounds in one‒pot operation which was very practical for ultralow sulfur diesel production.



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