学术报告-Mn-promotion of alumina-supported cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts
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报告人Edd A. Blekkan教授挪威工程院院士

报告题目Mn-promotion of alumina-supported cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts





专家简介:Prof. Edd A. Blekkan

Edd Blekkan is a professor specializing in catalysis, and is the member of Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA). Edd Blekkan has been the head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at NTNU since August 2013. Edd Blekkan has an Master of Science in Industrial chemistry, NTH 1981, and a Dr.-ing.-degree in Industrial chemistry, from NTH in 1985. He has been a visiting scientist/professor at Louis Pasteur University, France, the University of Cardiff, UK, the University of Cambridge, UK and Statoil, Trondheim. He has been the main supervisor and co-supervisor for about 20 PhD-students, 50 diploma-students (MSc thesis).

Professor Blekkan is recognized for his achievements in heterogeneous catalysis, natural gas conversion, petrochemistry, oil refining, biofuels and biorefineries, Process technology, etc.